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Just call me Ara, a simple name that I love. Happy 19th years old lady lil girl ^^ Hardcore B2UTY ^o^ Forever Love my husband wannabe Yong Junhyung, that's all. Follow me and let's talk then ^^
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Happy Birthday anak mama Ara di Q08 TPB IPB /? Wyatb, be better, long life, sama cepat jadi ahli ilkom yahhhhh :* ({}) with Widi – View on Path.

Meme spesial for Jule Zudin part 1 :> with Julia – View on Path.

Happy Birthday Jule Zudin ({}) wyatb, long life, be better sama cepetan jadi dokter yakkkkk gretong kalo gue berobat ya :3 with Julia – View on Path.

Siang ^^ – View on Path.

Haha :) – View on Path.

Thanks for today guys ^^ with Alvin, Julia, and Elshinta at Basko Grand Mall – View on Path.

Morning ^^ lg otw u,u – View on Path.

Ah dongwoonie…… :* – View on Path.

[PO] T-shirt Running Man @ Rp 70,000 (diskon ramadhan 5rb)

Myungsoo’s interpretation of Paradise lyric

……… ._.

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